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The UFC Cutting Room Floor: The heavyweight diet

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Zane Simon is back to talk all the cuts and signings news over January 2016 in the UFC.

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It's been a strange time for the Cutting Room Floor. Inconsistent releases by the UFC have made doing an "up to date" show more difficult. They've avoided cutting anyone for long stretches only to trickle out announced releases over several months rather than their normal method of updating their online roster. Finally, in January, we've got back to something resembling normalcy, which means that I can do another episode of the show.

We're looking back over a month that saw Chris Cariaso and Anthony Perosh Retire, Ben Henderson walk to Bellator, and a slew of talent, old and new get the ax. It's also a time that has seen the UFC sign more new heavyweight talent than any period in recent memory. They appear to be rebuilding the division from the ground up and doing it with unheralded fighters like Dmitry Smolyakov, Cyril Asker, Francis Ngannou, and Jarjis Danho. They've got a couple name talents to with Marcin Tybura and Adam Milstead, but it's overall a remarkable time in the 206+ division.

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Oh, and here's the latest updated version of the UFC roster.