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Wrestling star challenges former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub to a fight

Pan Am wrestling champion Zach Rey has formally called out former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

Matt Detrich-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an interesting few weeks for Brendan Schaub. Firstly, the UFC decided to ban him from appearing on UFC Tonight and UFC Now and then last night, Pan American wrestling champion Zachery Rey took to Twitter to call out "Big Brown", even though the TUF 10 runner up has officially retired following back-to-back losses in 2014.

Zach Rey is one of the most feared names in freestyle wrestling. Over the past 5 years, Rey has took home a monumental amount of silverware on both a domestic and international level. In 2011, Rey won the NCAA championships as a junior, before closing out his collegiate career with an impressive record of 120-15. In Rey's post-NCAA days, the Pennsylvania native has competed on an international level, taking home the Dave Schultz Memorial title in 2013 and the Pan American Games gold medal in 2015.

It seems that the chances of seeing Schaub compete in the UFC again are slim. The success of Brendan Schaub's "Fighter and the Kid" podcast has insured that the former heavyweight star is kept busy. As for Rey, he has never formally announced his attentions to compete in MMA, but with his amazing wrestling pedigree it would be certainly be interesting to see him compete inside the Octagon.