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Michael Bisping: Anderson Silva was doing PEDs 'his whole career'

Michael Bisping explains why he believes it wasn't the first time Anderson Silva was on steroids when he got caught against Diaz.

Michael Bisping has repeatedly heaped praise on Anderson Silva, calling him a "legend" and "the greatest of all time", but he also isn't shy about calling him out for failing his drug test. Bisping considers this the biggest fight of his life, but he also pointed out how he believes Silva may have cheated for his entire career.

"Listen, Anderson is a great fighter and he has achieved many many things," Bisping said. "But the fact to the matter is, he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs on his last fight. Apparently, that was the first time he's been tested. That's what he said. His words, not mine."

"A cynic would let me to believe that he was using his whole career. Shame on him. How he calls himself a martial artist, and takes performance enhancing drugs is beyond me."

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"At 39-years-old, having the career he has had, being Anderson Silva -- The mighty Anderson Silva that's destroyed everybody, and has this finishing ability. Don't tell me, at 39-years-old, someone is going to say 'here, try steroids'. At that age, having the career, the legacy that he has, that he is going to decide to put that all at risk? No! He would have the confidence, that state of mind to know 'I don't need that. I am Anderson Silva. I have achieved all these things. I don't need to cheat.'"

"But he didn't do that. And that's because he was doing it his whole career."

"If you look at him on PRIDE, he was 168 lbs. Now he walks around 40 lbs heavier. Do the math!"

Having faced numerous fighters on involved in either PED or TRT cases in the past, Bisping also did state that there was a part of him that didn't want to take the fight against yet another one in Silva. In the end though, he says he accepted the bout because it was a "bucket list fight" for him, having always wanted to take on the long time champion.

Bisping states once he wins, he should be able to receive that long elusive UFC title shot.

The two will headline a Fight Pass card in London, on February 27.