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Training at AKA with Rico Verhoeven - Day 1

Glory Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven visits the American Kickboxing Academy, as he looks for an MMA gym to call home.

The American Kickboxing Academy is home to some of the best fighters in MMA today. This includes fighters like UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez.

Glory Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven is looking for an MMA gym to call home as he pursues a career in MMA. He is going across California to different MMA gyms to find the perfect fit for himself. Bloody Elbow's Michael Hutchinson followed Verhoeven on his trip to San Jose, California to train at AKA.

In this vlog, you will see Verhoeven sparring with fighters like Daniel Cormier and Jon Fitch, him and his striking coach talking to AKA head coach Javier Mendez, as well as an unfortunate problem with starting their rental car.

You can find more details on Verhoeven's training by following Michael on Twitter, where he will post videos and photos of the training sessions.