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Video: Bisping interrupts Anderson Silva scrum, starts confrontation

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Michael Bisping started a verbal confrontation with Anderson Silva, taking shots at his PED use.

During an open-workout to promote their UFC Fight Night 84 London main event, Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva had portions where they spoke to the media about their upcoming bout. Once he ended his session of interviews, Bisping interrupted Silva's and started a verbal confrontation, mostly taking shots at his PED use.

"See you in London my friend," Bisping said in what started as a respectful conversation that had each of them wishing each other luck on the contest.

"No Viagra!" Bisping then quipped.

"No. No! Just my punch in your face," Silva replied. "Relax, don't worry man."

"It's my shin to your chin! You're too old. Too old. Look at this beard!" Bisping said, touching Silva's face.

"I'm old! But you know what, I'm more smart," Silva said. "I'm champion for a long time. Remember?"

"Yes, on steroids!", Bisping retorted.

"C'mon man. Give me a hug. Give me a hug," Silva said as he hugged Bisping. "I understand your frustration for never going for the belt."

What began as friendly taunting started to escalate a bit, leading to both men being separated afterwards. Watch the entire confrontation above.