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The MMA Prospectus: Week in review

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Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are here to give you insight into the world of MMA prospects. This week we're looking at the top young performers from UFC Vegas, and the stars that shined in a weekend packed with talent. We're also taking a look at the upcoming Tech Krep card and Yaroslav Amosov.

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It's an off week for MMA, but that's why the MMA prospectus is here. We're talking about all the other stuff that goes on outside the big fights in the world of combat sports, most importantly those fighters on their way up in the world. First and foremost this episode, we're looking back at UFC Vegas, where Justin Scoggins and Stephen Thompson put on elite performances, and in Thompson's case has seen an end to his time as a "fighter on the rise." Thompson has, in effect, risen.

We're also looking back at the young talent that fought outside the UFC last week as Yusuf Raisov and Damian Szmigielski put on solid showings at ACB 29 and Cody East won a big HW bout in front of Dana White for "Lookin' for a Fight" over at Legacy FC. And looking ahead to Tech Krep this weekend, Yaroslav Amosov returns to action in the co-main event, where the top 10 welterweight scouting report prospect will crush yet another totally unknown opponent.

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