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Video: If you hate Jon Jones' kicks to the knee, you won't like what he's practicing

Jon Jones is now doing flying kicks to the knee. You mad?

Jon Jones has been one of the best fighters in MMA for quite some time now, and the polarizing figure has been known for consistently using a bit of a controversial move in the oblique kick. While the technique is perfectly legal, some people aren't fans of when Jones uses it as it could cause serious damage to the knee.

If you're one of those people who don't like that move, and think it's 'dirty', you probably won't love what Jones is currently practicing.

Jones posted a clip on Instagram of him training with Mike Winkeljohn, and they seem to have upped the ante, with one of the techniques he was working on was a jumping kick to the knee. If you can't view it on that social media link, you can watch the clip above.

"It's a very controversial move," Jones said about the oblique kick in a past segment with Fight Land. "But if someone was trying to give us brain damage, we believe it's an even trade off to give him a little limp for the rest of his life. So try it out, guys."

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