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Video: Cormier says rematch will be different, Jones calls out 'excuses'

Daniel Cormier promises that the UFC title rematch with Jones will be different, Jon responds to his 'excuses'.

A new clip has been released to promote the upcoming title rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones at UFC 197. In it, the current champion says their second encounter will look nothing like the first one.

"I beat the two best men in the division, and now we're right back where we started," Cormier said about beating Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson en route to a Jones rematch. "But this time it's different."

"I'm the champion, and by him getting out of the game for as long as he's been, it allowed me to be more comfortable in this weight division. It allowed me to get through those wars that I need to prepare for the war that I'm going to have with him."

"No one in this division can keep Jon and I away from each other. I feel it's him and I, and the rest of the division."

Jones, who never lost his belt inside the Octagon, heard this and have since responded on social media.

Cormier dropped from being a top ranked heavyweight, to the 205 lb division in February 2014. He dominated Patrick Cummins and Dan Henderson that year, before facing Jones and losing a decision. Since then, Cormier has won and defended the belt, and will have gone over two years as a light heavyweight by the time they rematch in April.

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