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Fedor says he is more likely to fight for the UFC than M-1 Global

Russian heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko revealed that the window of opportunity to fight in the UFC has still not closed entirely.

Esther Lin/Strikeforce

One month removed from his anticipated return to MMA competition, Fedor is already contemplating his next contest. The ‘Last Emperor' is scheduled to meet with Rizin officials in February to renegotiate for a second fight with the Japanese upstart promotion.

However, despite confirming that his next fight will take place under the Rizn FF banner, Fedor hinted that the UFC could still be in his future.

"I'm open to all organizations," Emelianenko told reporters. "If you have any suggestions, we look at all of them. In this respect, we like to work with Rizin - contracts are not exclusive. Regarding M-1 Global, that is a big question. I perhaps rather appear in the UFC than in M1."

While fans remain concerned that Fedor may not challenge himself with tough opponent while with Rizin, he added that he is open to rematches against all the fighters who beat him in Strikeforce.

"If they go into Rizin, I'm ready for a rematch with them even now," said Emelianenko. "But it is not yet possible in the UFC."

According to Rizin officials, Fedor will likely return in the summer.