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Dave Bautista: Buying Reebok endorses UFC fighters getting screwed

Tweets of the Day: Former WWE star and MMA fighter Dave Bautista says 'f**k Reebok'

Michele Tantussi/Getty Images

Dave Bautista was watching the UFC fights this weekend, and he couldn't help but voice his displeasure with the UFC's exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok. The 47-year-old actor, who was a former WWE superstar and 1-0 MMA fighter, took to twitter about it:

He also responded to a couple of fans about the topic:

During that very event Bautista was watching on FOX, Barnett and Rothwell earned just $5000 each from Reebok to co-headline a show on free TV.

In 2012, 'Batista' tried his hand in MMA, winning a TKO over a veteran in Vince Lucero (video here). Since then, the Filipino-American has been successful as an actor, landing numerous high profile movie roles in Hollywood.

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