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TUF 24 Finale: Masvidal on controversial stoppage win: ‘It is what it is’

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Jorge Masvidal isn’t too bothered about the controversial nature of his stoppage against Jake Ellenberger.

MMA: TUF Tournament of Champions-Ellenberger vs Masvidal Tracy Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the sport of MMA -- or any sport, for that matter -- a win is a win. Jorge Masvidal picked up his second straight win against Jake Ellenberger at The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale last night, but the bout wasn’t without its controversy.

In perhaps one of the most bizarre finishes in the promotion’s history, Masvidal picked up the TKO victory after Ellenberger caught his toe in the Octagon fence. ‘The Juggernaut’ attempted a flying knee but ended up crashing into the fence and catching his big toe in the cage. Referee Herb Dean called a timeout, but officials ruled the bout a TKO win for ‘Gamebred’ after Ellenberger was deemed unable to defend himself.

Masvidal, a veteran of 13 years, didn’t hesitate to look for the finish and says he did the right thing.

“It is what it is,” Masvidal said at the post-fight press conference in Las Vegas, per Dann Stupp and Ken Hathaway of MMA Junkie. “You were going for a technique, and had I not (avoided it), your technique could have put me out of commission.”

Masvidal immediately celebrated the victory and had no idea Herb Dean was trying to call a timeout.

“How could you – if that would’ve been a timeout, that would have been the weirdest thing ever,” he said. “I’m about to kill you. How are you going to just call timeout? That’s weird, you know?”

Although the finishing sequence was controversial, there was no doubt as to who was winning the fight in the opening four minutes. Masvidal battered Ellenberger from pillar-to-post and overwhelmed his opponent with a barrage of strikes.

The 32-year-old gave Ellenberger credit but said he’s got three times the heart he’s got and the rest of the welterweight division.

“He’s always had my respect,” Masvidal said. “I’ve got to talk a little (expletive) to get in his head, but he’s a tough dude. It’s not that he doesn’t have heart. It’s just I know when it comes to me, I’m going to eat him alive. I’ve got three times the heart he’s got – or anybody in this division.”

Prior to the bout, Masvidal made no bones about who he’d like to face next and said he’d like to ‘whoop Donald Cerrone’s ass’.