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UFC 207: King Mo breaks down Rousey vs. Nunes

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Bloody Elbow’s Three Amigos Podcast recently spoke to Muhammed Lawal who gave a great breakdown of Rousey vs. Nunes.

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Tomorrow night marks the end of one of, if not the most successful years ever for the UFC. However, we still have one fight card left, UFC 207, and that goes down in just a few hours.

There are plenty of storylines for this event: Johny Hendricks’ continuing struggle with his weight, Cain Velasquez’ being pulled from the card despite having several physician’s clearing him to compete, Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt’s bitter rivalry and of course, at the top of the list, is Ronda Rousey’s return to the Octagon. It’s a night of fight action that you won’t want to miss.

Rousey’s return has been shrouded in mystery due to her media blackout demand. According to promotional president Dana White, she’s earned the right to have the exception, and when you look at her history, it’s hard to argue El Jefe’s point.

Last week, the Three Amigos Podcast interviewed Muhammed “King Mo’ Lawal where he broke down Rousey vs. Nunes. Here’s what he had to say:

“The thing about Rousey is that she can’t really do leg attacks, but she has a good judo game. The problem with judo players, is if you throw straight punches, they can’t handle them. When I fought Ishii, I threw a lot of straight punches because if you throw hooks, that leads to an easy clinch.

When you watch Ronda’s fights, she’ll go 1-3, or 1-2-3 and clinch-throw. It’s over. Straight punches will negate that clinch.

Nunes throws straight punches, but sometimes she gets too excited, so she gets tired after two or three rounds. If she can stay calm, it’s going to be a hard night for Ronda. If Ronda can go out there and impose her will, if she can walk Amanda down, make her fight going backwards, it’s going to be a tough night for Amanda.

It’s going to come down to whoever has the better gameplan, and Ronda’s mindset going into the fight. I know Amanda is a killer at all times, so if Ronda comes in there worried or hesitant, she’s going to be in trouble.

I can’t say nothing bad about [Edmond Tarverdyan] or what he does with Ronda because Ronda was going to be good anyway. He was part of that, so I can’t really bash him, and I’m not going to. He’s her coach, and obviously, he was doing something right. Ronda’s shown her hands, her jiu-jitsu, her Muay Thai, but then she ran into somebody that had a different style.

She ran into a counter-puncher, a southpaw that was bigger and stronger and moved better—that was Holly Holm. The combination of Holly going in with the perfect gameplan, put together by a great coach (Greg Jackson), and implementing that gameplan was what got her the knockout.

I think Amanda and Ronda are going to put on a great fight.”

You can check out Lawal’s interview at the 1:42:10 mark of the audio, or via the embedded player below. Remember, if you're looking for us on SoundCloud or iTunes, we're under the MMA Nationname. Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie Haynes, Three Amigos Podcast, George Lockhart, Iain Kiddand Mookie Alexander or our Facebook fan page, Three Amigos Pod.