RIZIN FF 3: Winners and Losers


Fans of Japanese MMA were not disappointed by the latest RIZIN show as it showcased the best (and weirdest) that JMMA has to offer. I personally enjoyed it more than all but the best of this years UFC cards. It's like watching mma in some bizarro alternate timeline. So here are my winners and losers, if you can think of any I've overlook please let me know in the comments.


-Cro Cop

The night's best feel-good moments was seeing him beat King Mo. It made it worth staying up late for.


The best summary of the finish could be found on the live thread when Mehul Kumar asked


And Alejandro replied:


He just punched the shit out of Mo against the ropes and Mo fell down like a rag doll. Then he woke back up and looked all sad and shit."

It was a glorious moment for nostalgic mma fans, which brings me to the next winner.

- PRIDE fans


(I guess they updated the logo from the old one with the fist)

Most hard core's and old school fans agree: PRIDE NEVER DIE. And last night was a good reminder for us that


There were so many classic JMMA moments. I think my favorite is when a weird pokeman looking character came up to the ring and tried to get in, but failed to fit between the ropes. It just stood there flapping it's leaf arms for awhile before leaving. Later we found out that it is the mascot of Saitama Super Arena.


(Proof that no one japans as hard as Japan)

Other PRIDE style awesomeness included amazing entrances, a light up ring, a trumpeter and so so much more. The spectacle really entertains in a way that makes the ufc seem bland in comparison.

- Rin Nakai

Yeah, yeah, she won her fight, but did you see her weigh in? Talk about spectacle. It was bizarre. And although it does not contain nudity, depending on what type of job you have, this may be NSFW.

The best part was the cup o noodles mascot you can standing off to the side when Rin weighs in. That guy is hilarious. In fact...

- Cup O Noodles Guy

I dont have a picture of him from the weigh in but here his is at a previous RIZIN event


Although many of the Japanese fans hoped to see him face off against the Saitama Super Arena mascot it was deemed impossible as neither mascot could fit between the ropes to enter the ring.

- Other Winners:

BARUTO! He easily won his fight against an overmatched and undersized opponent and it will be fun to see him face off against Cro Cop. I just enjoy seeing how a 400 lb. man can not only win fights but even look athletic from time to time.

Heath Herring. Yes he lost his fight. But he had just come from an 8 year layoff (good lord!) and at the beginning of the fight it looked like it was gonna be a sad contest in which an old man gets beaten up. But no, he actually survived until his opponent gassed and came back strong in the second. But instead of going to a third round the judges gave it to the iranian dude because yakuza or whatever but I thought a 3rd round was fair and I would have favored Herring to win it.

The Rules. RIZIN went an odd route and had every bout contested under different rules, plus they took things one step further and had them assigned by a random rule generator. Some allowed elbows to the face and some didn't, some allowed knees and kicks on the ground, some were 2 rounds, some 3, some had a 10 minute first round, it was all over the place and it made things interesting.

BE Night Crew. The chat was lots of fun, had some funny comments and I enjoyed sharing the bizarre and enjoyable experience with you fine folks.


Joe Warren.

No he didn't fight on the card. He was half of the commentary team and he was insufferable.


(Pictured: Joe Warren)

While commenting he constantly made things about himself. He was very critical of some fighters and used that in a weird way to compliment himself. The pitch and tone of his voice was grating. He's my least favorite fight announcer of all time.

He made lame fat jokes about Baruto in a way that made me think he used to bully chubby kids when he was in school. But his worst offense was when Cro Cop walked out to the cage while accompanied by his daughter (who for the record is a small child). Warren commented:

"His girlfriend looks young"

Not only unfunny and classless, but just wrong.

There was a small redemption to be had while Warren was commenting the King Mo/Cro Cop fight. He was incredibly biased for King Mo, since they are Bellator friends. When King Mo got dropped Warren shouted "Oh No!" and I enjoyed his sadness.


Thank you for reading, there was much about this event that I didn't cover so please comment below. Like the last one, I feel like BE doesn't give much coverage to these events and I wanted to make a thread where we can discuss. I hope this encourages some of you to watch the next card tomorrow, but either way HAPPY NEW YEARS to the bloody elbow crew.

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