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Video: Gerald Harris slam KOs comically overweight opponent in final Legacy FC show

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Despite his opponent missing weight by an absurd 50 pounds, Gerald Harris still fought him in the Legacy FC 63 main event, and scored another vicious slam KO.

Former UFC fighter Gerald Harris’ highlight-reel moment in the UFC was his massive slam KO of current two-division World Series of Fighting champion Dave Branch. After his UFC release and subsequent stints in Tachi Palace Fights, DREAM, Legacy FC, and WSOF, Harris had retired from MMA in 2014, but returned to the cage to headline Legacy FC 63 on Friday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The plan was for Harris to fight Aaron Cobb at welterweight, AKA the 170 lbs division. Cobb ... didn’t quite make it there. What you’re about to read in the next paragraph (via MMAjunkie) is not satire, it’s a real thing that happened.

“Cobb notified the promotion he would not be able to make welterweight in the days before the fight. After weighing in more than 220 pounds, he was told to check in at 205 the morning of the fight to make it a light-heavyweight affair. Instead, Cobb was the same weight on fight day. Harris chugged water to boost his own weight to 208 pounds, and the fight went ahead at heavyweight.”

Why Legacy FC and the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission even allowed this fight to happen is a different story altogether, but the fight did indeed go on as scheduled, but literally three weight classes higher than what was originally agreed upon.

The fight lasted all of 43 seconds, with Harris instantly KOing a very out-of-shape Cobb with a powerful slam, more than six years on from his famous slam KO of Dave Branch at UFC 116. You can watch the video of it at the top of the page, starting at the 2:17 timestamp.

Also of note in the bigger picture, this was the final event in Legacy FC history, as starting in 2017, they will merge with Resurrection Fighting Alliance and become Legacy Fighting Alliance.