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Dana White on Rousey’s UFC 207 media blackout: ‘She’s done a lot of things for this company’

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Dana White defends Ronda Rousey’s decision not to do media ahead of UFC 207.

One of the more unprecedented circumstances leading up to UFC 207 is Ronda Rousey’s refusal to do any media. It is an obligation that fighters of her stature are usually required to comply with.

It is the exact same reason why Conor McGregor was pulled off from his UFC 200 headliner spot in July, which subsequently postponed his rematch with Nate Diaz to UFC 202 in August. But according to UFC president Dana White, granting Rousey such a major leeway is just a way for them to give back to her.

“If you look at the amount of press that’s been done by any fighter in the UFC, in UFC history, Ronda smokes everybody, by a long shot,” White said during a media scrum on Wednesday. “This is the way she wanted it. The only thing she cares about right now is focusing on winning.”

“She’s done a lot of things for this company. I say it all the time about Conor, too. Ronda’s done a lot of things for us, this is what she wanted. So, I gave it to her.”

“Back in the day, Ronda would literally do anything we asked her to do. Anything,” White continued. “And if the guys won’t do something, she would pick up the ball and do it herself. So, for her to ask for something like this, how can I say no to that?”

But when asked if Rousey would be given the same treatment for her next fights, White immediately ruled it out.

“No. This is a one and done.”

UFC 207 takes place this Friday, December 30th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.