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Garbrandt on UFC 207: Dominick Cruz is on his way out, getting ready to be broadcaster

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Cody Garbrandt says Dominick Cruz is ‘getting ready for the next chapter in his life’.

Cody Garbrandt will get a title shot this December against Dominick Cruz, and will have the co-headlining spot at UFC 207. The long time champion is considered by many as the best bantamweight in MMA history, but the Team Alpha Male product thinks the 31-year-old is on his way out.

“I believe he’s getting ready for the next chapter in his life,” Garbrandt said during a UFC 207 media lunch. “He took the FOX commentating job. He’s a great broadcaster. He does amazing at that.

“I think he’s losing focus,” Garbrandt said. “He’s working two weeks before the fight. He’s breaking down all these fights. You got me in front of you. You should be solely focused on me.”

Garbrandt has been respectful and complimentary about Cruz’s accomplishments, but he seems to firmly believe that Dominick is declining and is ready to move on to something else.

“He knows that he has to dance around and evade that pressure, evade someone that’s fast and a knockout artist for 5 rounds. That’s hard to do especially with how old he is. Especially with that two ACL surgeries, he doesn’t move the way he does.

“Another thing, too, he said he’s happy without having the belt. He didn’t need that to be happy. So for me, he’s kind of relinquishing that. He’s kind of going to the next chapter, getting ready for that. He’s being okay with not having (the title).”