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Hardy declines Gall’s call out: ‘I'm not looking at knocking off a future contender’

UFC veteran Dan Hardy is not looking to lock horns with Mickey Gall.

Mickey Gall was able to extend his win streak on Saturday night by tapping out fellow rising star Sage Northcutt. During his post-fight interview with Brian Stann, he went on to issue a challenge to former welterweight title contender Dan Hardy.

“I’d like to welcome back Dan Hardy,” Gall said. “He says he wants to come back for a marquee fight, and I think I’m a marquee fight right now.”

At first, “The Outlaw” responded in a light-hearted manner, seemingly wondering if the challenge was indeed serious. But during Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Hardy admitted that he was surprised, but respectfully declined the younger fighter’s callout.

"I'm not looking at knocking off a future contender that I'm possibly going to be commentating for in the future. And at the same time, if I was going to fight, I want to fight a veteran,” Hardy explained (via MMA Fighting). “I want to fight someone who's had 20, 30 fights, who's matured in their game and is sure of their fighting style, rather than someone who's still developing.”

“I like to see the development of these young fighters and I don't want to interfere with that in any way. I'm 10 years older."

Gall, from his end, openly accepted Hardy’s decision.

"He has a right to feel that way. I respect that too. That's cool. You're a legend. It would've been an honor to fight you. That's cool, man. I love you, Dan."

Hardy’s interview begins at the 2:46:29 mark of the video.