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Video: Mighty Mouse gets USADA drug test at a convenience store

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UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson was out on a beer run when he got the call from USADA, which means getting tested in a convenience store bathroom.

MMA: UFC 197-Johnson vs Cejudo Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

You never know when USADA’s gonna show up at your door looking to give you an impromptu drug test. Heck, it may not even be your door, as UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson recently found out. Johnson, fresh off his 5-round title defense against TUF 24 winner Tim Elliott, was down at the corner store, making a beer run, when he got the call to stay put, USADA was on their way.

“What's goin' on guys,” Johnson said, in an short live-streamed message after finding out he was about to be tested, “Mighty here. Just got the call from USADA and they're lookin' for the champ. I told 'em I'd pick up some brew for the stream tonight, so we'll do a piss test at a convenience store, see how this goes.”

Apparently the intrusion wasn’t enough to dampen anyone’s spirits, though.

No word yet on when Johnson plans on being back in the cage or against who. Joseph Benavidez’s recent win may put him back in position as the no. 1 contender, but with two losses to the champ already, the UFC may look elsewhere for the next challenger to Johnson’s belt.