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ACB 50 results and live stream

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Check out the results and live stream for the landmark ACB 50 show starting 10am ET.

Chechen-based Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) will host its landmark 50th show on Sunday morning in snowy St. Petersburg. The event promises a stacked line-up with some of the most intriguing matches that Russian MMA has to offer.

The live stream for ACB 50, which will feature a trio of title fight, will begin at 10am ET. The show will also include notable talents from the region, including Yusuf Raisov, Beslan Isaev, Magomed Magomedov and Igor Svirid.

Check out the full fight card with updated results below:

Denis Goltsov vs. Salimgerey Rasulov [Heavyweight Title]

Aslambek Saidov vs. Brett Cooper [Welterweight Titile]

Magomed Magomedov vs. Oleg Borisov [Bantamweight Title]

Yusuf Raisov vs. Marat Balayev [Featherweight Title]

Beslan Isaev vs. Marcelo Alfaya

Aleksei Butorin vs. Jake Bostwick

Yasubey Enomoto vs. Igor Svirid

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Ramazan Esenbaev

Adlan Bataev vs. Donald Sanchez

Tural Ragimov vs. Ed Arthur

Mukhamed Kokov vs. Carlos Alexandre

Ilya Sheglov vs. Wallyson Carvalho