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Doo Ho Choi reflects on barn-burner with Cub Swanson: ‘I will not be defeated again’

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‘The Korean Superboy’ says his loss to Cub Swanson at UFC 206 has made him more confident than ever.

UFC 206: Swanson v Choi Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

UFC 206 delivered a thrilling night of fights and a Fight of the Year candidate with Cub Swanson vs. Doo Ho Choi.

Choi, who headed into the bout riding a 13-fight win streak, faced his toughest test yet but was expected to walk away with the win. The Korean Superboy had finished all of his UFC bouts in the first round and breezed through the competition without taking any damage.

That all changed at UFC 206.

Choi stood in the pocket with Swanson for three rounds and sustained an inhuman amount of punishment. The 24-year-old prospect took Swanson’s best shots, surviving an onslaught of attacks on the feet, in the clinch and on the ground.

Swanson, a veteran of 31 fights, rightly took the unanimous decision but Choi was applauded for his heart, chin and willingness to engage in a barn-burner brawl for 15 minutes.

He said in the post-fight interview that he would never lose again and he echoed those sentiments in a public Instagram post.

Although he lost, Choi’s stock is likely to skyrocket after having displayed such a gutsy performance in one of the year’s final pay-per-views.

The South Korean has a professional record of 15-2 and is ranked as the No. 11 fighter in the official UFC featherweight rankings.