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Jon Jones would get ‘wasted’ on alcohol just one week before his fights

Jones opens up about his issues with alcohol and partying on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Jon Jones is one of the most controversial stars in mixed martial arts. Jones’ talent is undeniable - he is the youngest ever UFC champion and went on to defend the light heavyweight title nine times, but his antics outside of the Octagon have almost cost him his career.

‘Bones’ was stripped of the light heavyweight belt after his involvement in a hit-and-run incident last year and was stripped of the interim title and suspended for one year after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs prior to UFC 200.

The former champion has also been arrested for driving under the influence in the past and failed his UFC 182 drug test for cocaine.

Jones recently joined longtime UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, on the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ and opened up about his issues with alcohol and excessive partying.

"I had this crazy thing that I would do where I would party one week before every fight," Jones admitted on Thursday, per MMA Fighting’s Dave Doyle. "And I did it throughout my whole career. And it was stupid, but it was this mental crutch that I had."

Jones admitted to getting ‘blacked-out wasted’ just one week before his fights and said he justified it by saying he could use the partying as an excuse if he were to lose.

"I literally would, one week before every fight," Jones said. "I would go out and I would get blacked out wasted. And my logic was, if this guy were to beat me somehow, I can look myself in the mirror and say, the reason I lost is because I got hammered the week before the fight."

Despite his partying ways, Jones was able to beat the likes of Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira, and was widely considered the best MMA fighter on the planet.

"I trained for the fight, but I definitely had this thing where I felt invincible," Jones said. "And I did a lot of wild stuff leading up to the fight. I definitely didn't give it my all. Really partying, drinking, staying up all night."

Now under suspension by the USADA for 12 months, Jones is unable to return to the Octagon until July 2017.