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Holloway wants rematch with McGregor: Even at heavyweight, I will go fight him

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Max Holloway is aching to avenge his 2013 loss to Conor McGregor.

Max Holloway last experienced defeat in the UFC in August 2013, in the hands of Conor McGregor via decision. It is also a loss that he has been wanting to get back.

Holloway is currently slated to face former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis for the interim featherweight title at UFC 206 on December 10, and a win gives him a chance to get a crack at newly-minted undisputed champion José Aldo. Winning the belt, however, may not be enough for him, as he wants another shot at McGregor, whichever weight class would be agreed upon.

"Maybe if everything goes good and I take care of Pettis, and we get the road to Aldo and I take care of Aldo, maybe it makes [McGregor] want to come back down. I’m only turning 25 this Sunday, so there’s this thing called growing. Now I’m growing, I getting bigger,” Holloway told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on Monday.

"So if it’s at 155, it’s going to be at 155, if it’s at 170, it’ll be at 170, wherever it goes. If he wants to fight, even if he said he wants to fight heavyweight, I will go fight him. It is what it is. If he wants to fight, that’s the fight to make.”

“It’s one of them fights a lot of people want to see, and can’t really go too far from me. I’m Polynesian, so I can get big."

McGregor was stripped of the featherweight title on Monday, after failing to defend it for almost an entire year. For Holloway, this said move by the UFC has given the 145-pound division more direction, to say the least.

"Our division was in murky water because of that. After this fight I had no idea who I’d be able to fight, because of him taking out and [Aldo] having the interim title and all this blasphemy and this malarkiness. Now it’s super-clear. The winner of this get Aldo, and the division is way more clear."