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Rashad Evans explains UFC 205 removal: 'I guess they have a zero tolerance policy'

Rashad Evans believes he is healthy and ready to fight, but the New York commission felt otherwise and pulled him from UFC 205.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Rashad Evans won't get to fight in his home state after all. It was reported earlier today that the former UFC light heavyweight champion was removed from his UFC 205 bout with Tim Kennedy due to some issues with his medical testing. According to MMA Fighting, some "irregular findings" came up in MRI a few weeks ago. Evans says he underwent additional testing and passed.

Yet today, while flying to New York, he received an email from the New York State Athletic Commission stating that his fight license had been denied. He wouldn't specify exactly what the issue was, but explained that he's ready to go:

"I'm disappointed. I'm healthy. I don't want anyone worrying about me. I'm fine, physically speaking. Never felt better. It's just the commission and their rules. I guess they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this."


"This doesn't change the fact that I want to fight. This doesn't change anything for me as far as fighting."

Evans (19-5-1,14-5-1 UFC) was set to make his middleweight debut in the bout. It's unclear if the promotion is looking for a replacement to keep Kennedy on the card at this point.