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Former world boxing champ: 'Ronda Rousey is the worst public female image that we could ever have out there'

Former world champion boxer Christy Martin is not a fan of how Ronda Rousey conducts herself in public.

Throughout her career, Ronda Rousey has always been candid in front of the cameras during interviews. The persona she has projected to the public has so far been received by many, but criticized by some, as well.

Whether it was about calling lambasting Floyd Mayweather or admitting to having suicidal thoughts after her loss to Holly Holm, "Rowdy" is a polarizing public figure. But for former world boxing champion Christy Martin, she is simply the worst ambassador for female fighters around.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Martin expressed her disdain towards how Rousey’s carries herself, particularly during interviews, and how she feels it sets a bad example to younger female fighters.

"Ronda Rousey, to me, is the worst public female image that we could ever have out there. Simply because she cannot sit here and have an interview with you without cursing word after word after word. Come on, we’re here to set an example for women, young women, young girls. People in general."

"Talk like you’re intelligent. When you have to use every other word as ‘F this and F that’, it shows your lack of intelligence, lack of vocabulary."

Martin went on to rip on Rousey’s recent loss, and how she was defeated by Holm who "punches like a feather." And as far as the upcoming Nunes vs. Rousey at UFC 207 fight goes, she is not counting on it to happen.

"I don't think we'll ever see her December 30th. Unless Dana White has some serious contract on her that she can't do anything else, including movies and commercials and so on. Unless she gets back in the ring, we will never see Ronda Rousey again."

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