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Woodley and Wonderboy agree: GSP should get next title shot over Maia

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and his challenger Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson are in agreement that Georges St-Pierre is more deserving of the next crack at the title than Demian Maia.

After racking up win after win, number three-ranked welterweight contender Demian Maia theoretically deserves to fight the winner of the upcoming Tyron Woodley-Stephen Thompson title fight. It is something that he and his team have been campaigning for, since his most recent win against Carlos Condit in August.

"After ‘Wonderboy’ vs. Tyron Woodley, Demian is the next in line no matter what happens in future fights," said Maia’s manager Eduardo Alonso. "I believe he will have this opportunity. He deserves it."

But if it were up to both Woodley and Thompson, the man more deserving of a next welterweight title shot should be none other than former long-time champion Georges St-Pierre.

"From the sport standpoint, it would make sense for Demain Maia to fight the winner of this fight," Woodley said during Tuesday’s UFC 205 pre-fight conference call (via Submission Radio). "From and entertainment standpoint – and I guess you could say sport (standpoint) as well because he left as the champion and he was the greatest welterweight of all time, and if he comes back, I think as a gesture of respect I think he should."

"I don’t think he should fight one or two fights, I think he should come right in and fight for the title."

Thompson did concur with Woodley’s assessment about St-Pierre’s status as a fighter, but his reason was anchored on a more personal level.

"He’s one of the reasons why I got in the sport in the first place. I was training up with him, helping him out with his fights and that’s why I actually started mixed martial arts, was because of Georges. So yeah man, give him that title shot."

Woodley and Thompson will co-headline UFC 205 on November 12th at the Madison Square Garden.

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