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Agent: Conor McGregor ‘willing to entertain’ a WWE offer

Conor McGregor’s agent says they’d take a look at a WWE offer, and is even possibly open to having a match if the money’s right.

UFC 205: Alvarez v McGregor Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Conor McGregor is looking for the biggest paychecks possible, and he’s even willing to entertain an offer from an organization he has gone out of his way to bash - the WWE. McGregor, the biggest draw in the UFC in the moment and beltholder in two divisions, has drawn many comparisons to pro wrestlers due to his charismatic interview style. He has usually shot them down though, dissing more than a few wrestlers in the process.

But money talks. His agent Audie Attar admits as much, and in an interview on ESPN’s 5ive Rounds podacast, he said they would be open to talking to them:

“I think it's all about business, man. If [WWE] is going to come with an offer, we are willing to entertain it. We are here. Have their people call his people. Which is me. We can have a conversation."

Could he even have a match there? It’s not something that got shot down at least:

"Again, I think ultimately Conor will say, 'Let me talk to my friend Benjamin [Franklin] to see how many of his friends he's bringing with him before we talk about what the obligations are.'"

It has been rumored by many wrestling insiders that the WWE badly wants to bring McGregor in, most likely for a WrestleMania appearance. Vince McMahon does have deep pockets, and he is willing to open the purse strings to pay for a superstar - Brock Lesnar comes to mind, as does recent returnee Bill Goldberg.

Along those same lines, the pro wrestling promotion has made it clear that they will be targeting Ronda Rousey once she’s done fighting. We’ll have to see if they can land either of the UFC’s biggest fish.

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