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Fight to Win Pro 18 Full Results: DJ Jackson, UFC vet Marshall pick up finishes

DJ Jackson takes middleweight black belt title

This weekend was packed full of combat sports action. Multiple UFC cards, Bellator MMA, boxing and world-class grappling events littered the sports world. Fight to Win Pro 18 kicked off the weekend from Denver, Colorado. The main event of the evening featured a bout between DJ Jackson and John Combs in which Jackson took home the F2W Pro middleweight title.

Jackson is an individual that those familiar with the grappling community will know. He’s one of the best competitors from the United States and has a resume that includes wins over some of the biggest names in the sport. His victory at F2W Pro 18 is another addition to the list for the Team Lloyd Irvin black belt.

What was interesting about this bout is both Jackson and Combs are well-versed on the feet. Even still, Jackson was able to control the pace and easily maneuvered Combs exactly where he wanted. Combs had his moments of success as he appeared to lock in a guillotine of his own before going out of bounds. Combs would take a bad shot and Jackson made him pay for it by locking up the fight-ending guillotine choke.

Eliot Marshall displayed high-level heavyweight BJJ in his match against Bruno Bastos. The UFC vet negated Bastos’ takedown abilities by pulling guard early in the fight. From that point forward, he controlled every aspect of the bout before ending the day with a kimura from north-south.

Isiah Wright and Renato Canuto stole the show in their match for the brown belt middleweight title. Both men brought tough wrestling and aggression into the match that gave the fans many moments of intrigue. Even though Canuto was on top for most of the match, it was Wright that was more aggressive from bottom; giving him the judges’ decision at the end of the match.

The event replay is available on

Full Results

Black Belts

DJ Jackson defeats John Combs via Guillotine FOTN

Eliot Marshall defeats Bruno Bastos via Kimura SOTN

Grant Gaither defeats Angel via Bow and Arrow Choke

Natasha Quiza De Almeida defeats Rossie Snow via decision

Jennifer Recinos defeats Julie Hoponick via decision

Danny Richards defeats Alex Huddleston via decision

Steve Peters defeats Shawn Coad via decision

Nick Marr defeats Nick Honstein via decision

Sean Stewart defeats David Lucarelli via decision

Brown Belts

Isiah Wright defeats Renato Canuto via decision FOTN

Don Westman defeats Gilbert Smith via Armbar

Vanessa Wexler defeats Fabiana Jorge via decision

Jeremy Hastings defeats Phil Lietz via Triangle SOTN

Tim Galluzzi defeats Tyson Ferrari via RNC

Sean Waddle defeats Ryan Warner via Submission

Bruce Bugbee defeats Evan Barrett via ankle lock

Jason Brucetopher Bruce defeats Carlos Hernandez via triangle

Purple Belts

Derek Alumbaugh defeats Matt Manzanares via triangle

Mo Black defeats Lacey Shuckman via RNC SOTN

Joseph MacKinnon defeats Mike Terpstra via Submission

Dan Humke defeats Troy Everett via decision FOTN

Sean P. Speer defeats Alex Yablong via decision

Cameron B Thurgood defeats Matt Sierra via Ankle lock

Nicole Evangelista defeats Elissa Giddens Decision


Thomas Bringe defeats Nick Gamez-Ramos via ankle lock SOTN

Emily Fernandez defeats Avery Harter via split decision FOTN

Jaidyn "The Iron Maiden" Mueller defeats via Kate Stewart Armbar

Nick Borisov defeats Ethan Debleak via split decision

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