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UFC Sao Paulo full fight video highlights: Thomas Almeida TKO’s Albert Morales

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Check out the full fight video highlights of Thomas Almeida’s TKO of Albert Morales from UFC Fight Night: Sao Paulo.

The co-main event for UFC Fight Night: Sao Paulo saw the 20-1 Thomas Almeida take on the 6-0-1 Albert Morales in the UFC bantamweight division. An exciting first round saw both gentlemen throw multi-punch combinations but it was Almeida who was able to hurt Morales. Morales found a dominant position as he was able to find the back of Almeida, but was unable to do anything with it.

The second round saw Thomas Almeida turn up the heat as he he unloaded a whole lot of punches to the face of Morales. The blitz proved to be too much for Morales.

Check out Tim Burke's play-by-play from round 2 of Thomas Almeida vs. Albert Morales:

Round 2: Almeida with a leg kick. Morales with a jab. Spinning back kick from Almeida. Hard leg kick from Morales. Big left hook from Almeida stuns Morales. Another sends him reeling away with his back to his opponent. Almeida is all over him, and Morales is out on his feet. Finally Almeida goes to the body with a vicious shot that crumpled him. That fight went on at least 10 punches too long, but sick finish.

Thomas Almeida defeated Albert Morales by TKO (tons of strikes), round 2