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White: Ronda Rousey’s UFC career is ‘winding down’, probably move on to acting

Dana White says former UFC champ Ronda Rousey will probably move to acting soon.

Ronda Rousey, Dana White, Q&A Anton Tabuena

Ronda Rousey was a guest at Ellen DeGeneres’ show recently, and the UFC star made headlines after saying that her upcoming bout against Amanda Nunes will be one of her “last fights”. Dana White addressed the topic as well, saying that Rousey is probably switching over to acting soon.

“I don’t want to take the wind out of her sails. I’ll let her say her own stuff. Obviously I know what’s going on, but yeah, it’s winding down for Ronda,” White told TMZ. “That’s up to her to say (how many fights she has left), but she’ll have enough for us to still enjoy watching her.”

“She made a lot of money. She accomplished what she set out to do,” he said. “And she loves acting. She loves acting. She’s good at it. If she dedicated herself to it, she would be even better at it.”

“I think when she says she’s done, she’s done. She stopped doing Judo and moved on to Mixed Martial Arts, and I think when she’s done with that, she will probably move on to acting.”

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Rousey hasn’t competed since her 2015 loss to Holly Holm, and will be making her long awaited return at UFC 207.

The former UFC champion has had a number of movie roles in the past few years, appearing in films such as Fast 7 and The Expendables 3. Gina Carano, who was known as the “face of women’s MMA” before Rousey entered the scene, also moved to Hollywood and has had a pretty successful acting career to date.

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