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UFC Belfast: Kevin Lee: Alvarez f*cking embarrassed the entire division

UFC lightweight rising star, Kevin Lee talks Eddie Alvarez, Fighter Union, Conor McGregor, Al Iaquinta and Magomed Mustafaev

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MMA: UFC 194-Aldo vs McGregor-Weigh Ins Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow afternoon, UFC Belfast will kick off a two-card Saturday for the promotion. With the year winding down, we’re getting quite a bit of action over the last weeks of 2016.

The card is modest on paper, but the real standout fight is Kevin Lee vs. Magomed Mustafaev. The two lightweight prospects are looking to set themselves apart from the pack by putting forth a standout performance.

The always outspoken “MoTown Phenom” recently sat in with the Three Amigos where he discussed a variety of topics. Here’s what he had to say about Mustafaev, Eddie Alvarez and a fighter’s union:

Magomed Mustafaev

The kid is tough, but this fight will show how much more mentally improved I am. He’s strong, he’s tough, and he comes out like a bat out of hell. He’s 13-1 with 13 stoppages, so he’s looking to take my head off, that’s for damn sure. He doesn’t want to go back to those cold, Russian winters. The Russian unemployment line isn’t anything like it is in California, so he’s going to fight his heart out. He knows that after this, it’s back to the unemployment line, so he’s gonna fight like a dog.

I wasn’t going to take the fight, but Dana [White] called me personally, and convinced me, so we’re gonna do this, then it’s on to bigger and better.

I’m gonna be sharp. I know that I can go the full three rounds, so I’m gonna come out and put a fucking pace on him from the get-go. He’ll break sometime in the second round. I’ve got that good, old-fashioned American wrestling, my movement will be way too much—I’ll be too fast and too strong, and he’ll go down in the second round.

Al Iaquinta’s UFC Hiatus/Retirement

We’ve got our differences, but you know what? We’re on the same team, so I kind of see where he’s coming from. Joe Siulva probably did call him a bunch of bitches and hoes and all this—Joe can be a hardass sometimes.

I think once Joe is out of there, he could probably reason with [Sean] Shelby a little better. Kiss some ass and then come back and get his ass whooped, because we’ve definitely got to do it again. Before me and him are old and decrepit—I don’t care if we’re on canes and crutches—we’re definitely gonna get at it again.

I will come to NY and open up my own real estate business and sell the best goddamned condos in Manhattan. We’ll meet in the hotel lobby or something.

Eddie Alvarez

I was so pissed that night. I’m still pissed. Eddie embarrassed the entire division. People got on me [about Twitter], but I gave a fair and honest assessment when I said that whoever was going to lead in that fight would lose since they both work best on the counter. History has proven that you don’t lead with power punches against a great counter-striker, and Conor is a great counter-striker and he’s got power.

Why Eddie fought the way he did, I don’t know, but he fucking embarrassed the entire division, and if I see him, I’ll slap the shit out of him. I was embarrassed for him, and he made us all look horrible.

You’ve got this Irishman, 145lbs, walking around like the fucking king of the jungle, with his chest poked out…it’s just embarrassing.

Conor McGregor’s UFC Demands

I respect a lot of what Conor stands for. He’s a smart dude, too. You can look at all the trash talk and all the bullshit that you want, but one thing he doesn’t do is get caught up in that emotional stuff from the fights. That just speaks to his intelligence, and I respect that. He’s smart and he should definitely get his fair share.

He’s just as big a celebrity as any of those 23 that now have a stake in the UFC. It might be a little bit of a conflict of interest, so I don’t know how that would work out, but he should definitely be making $20-30M per fight. He’s shown that he can consistently draw big PPV numbers, so he deserves it.

Fighter’s Union

They’ve [PFA] already approached me and I’ve already put my name behind it. I’m one of those 10 fighters that they’re talking about. I haven’t necessarily got a concrete plan yet, because I’ve got this fight coming up, so I just signed my name onboard with it, maybe two or three weeks ago.

There was much more covered in this 25-minute interview. You can listen to that right HERE at the 57:30 mark of the audio or via the embedded player below.

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