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Uriah Hall slams media, would rather be ‘helping kids’ than answering questions

Uriah Hall says he’d rather spend his time ‘helping kids’ than answering questions from the media.

MMA: UFC 187-Hall vs Natal Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Although media obligations are part of the game, Uriah Hall would prefer to keep his head down and avoid the limelight entirely.

The Jamaican-born fighter got off to a rough start with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, rudely accusing the reporter of asking a pointless question. Bohn, a journalist for USA TODAY and Rolling Stone, asked Hall how his short-notice fight with Gegard Mousasi came together.

“What?!” Hall asked Bohn. “Don’t you guys know that? Can we get some real questions?”

The 32-year-old Hall then went on to say that the media is terrible at their job and says he would rather be helping kids -- in what is assumed to be coaching or anti-bullying -- than answering questions from reporters.

“Unfortunately, the media is terrible at their job to boost your confidence,” Hall said. “I just can’t wait to see the headline of this conversation and what it will be. But it’s a part of life. You fall down and you get back up. Unfortunately, my line of work is in the limelight. I’m on stage. I’m constantly being viewed, and as sad as it is, I’m one of those guys I would rather just show up and fight. I hate this bull(expletive). I’m just doing it so I won’t get fined, (like NFL player) Marshawn Lynch.”

“(If it were up to me) I would never talk to the media, ever. I don’t care about money, man. For me, I care more about helping kids. When I’m off not training I’m help helping kids. The (expletive) that y’all mother(expletives) don’t see. The (expletive) that y’all don’t pay attention too. That’s the real stuff. That’s what I pay attention to. Money comes and goes. I’m not here forever. I’m trying to set a path for the next generation. That’s my passion. I can’t rely on money or materialistic things. That’s why I’m different.”

Hall, a finalist on The Ultimate Fighter 17, will look to spring back into the winners column against ‘The Dreamcatcher’ at UFC Belfast this Saturday. The 11-year MMA veteran knocked out Mousasi in spectacular fashion last year, landing a spinning back kick and flying knee to score one of the most impressive finishes of his career.

UFC Fight Night 99, which features Mousasi vs. Hall in the main event, takes place on November 19 at The SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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