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Eddie Alvarez’s coach believes McGregor can ‘take out’ Mayweather in boxing

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Alvarez’s coach, Mark Henry, says Conor McGregor has what it takes to beat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.

MMA: UFC 205-McGregor vs Alvarez Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in May, rumors surfaced of a boxing mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Both men entertained the bout on social media and in interviews, but the hype fizzled out after McGregor’s welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

Since UFC 205, however, which saw Conor McGregor put on a boxing masterclass against Eddie Alvarez in the main event, the hype has been somewhat reignited.

Both men have traded verbal barbs in the last week, but many fans don’t ever see the bout coming to fruition.

Eddie Alvarez’ coach Mark Henry, however, thinks anything is possible and believes ‘The Notorious’ might even have what it takes to hand Mayweather his first loss in the boxing ring.

"It comes along once in a lifetime or once every hundred years or what not,” Henry said of McGregor’s fighting ability on The Luke Thomas Show (h/t Jed Meshew of MMA Fighting). “I think God has just blessed him with a swing that I'll probably never see again. Before this fight, I would highly doubt him fighting Mayweather, but I think this dude can take out Mayweather. I'm not even joking."

Henry was in the corner of Alvarez for UFC 205, which saw McGregor finish ‘The Underground King’ with a beautiful four-punch combination in the second round. It was, perhaps, McGregor’s finest performance to date and Henry was in awe of the Irishman’s skills.

“Like that last four-punch combination he threw on Eddie, to know where his head is gonna be on all four moves.” Henry said. “He just knows way ahead of time where you're gonna be. So many different things go into what he's doing. His eyes are so focused to just know where somebody's head is gonna be or tricking somebody where their head is gonna be, setting it up with your feet. What he does is just incredible."

McGregor is now the UFC’s first and only simultaenous two-division champion and holds belts in both the featherweight and lightweight divisions. The 28-year-old phenom has demanded part-ownership of the UFC and, as well as entertaining a bout with Mayweather, has even hinted at pursing the welterweight title.