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Jones responds to White's headlining comments: 'I don't think he thought that through'

Jon Jones doesn't believe that Dana White will never give him a headlining spot again upon his latest return from suspension.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Jon Jones' latest suspension, UFC president Dana White was understandably unhappy. Jones, the longtime UFC light heavyweight champion, has had many issues outside the cage that have let to him being stripped of titles twice now. The latest was a one-year USADA suspension for using sexual performance pills that contained WADA-banned substances, which led White to say that Jones wouldn't ever headline a card again:

"In my opinion, I would never take the risk of headlining a show with Jon Jones again. I’d put him on the card, but I wouldn’t headline with him until he consistently gets back on track. Millions of dollars are spent on this. And for a card to fall apart — how many cards have fallen apart because Jon Jones gets in trouble for something? So, no, I’m not at that place with him."

Jones had a response for that, of course. When asked by a fan about it on Twitter, he said thought that White was being hasty in his decision:

Based on White's track record, he may have a point. Many fighters have proven themselves to be trustworthy after some issues and White has gone back to giving them premium spots. Then again, Jones' own track record is spottier than most, so who knows. Jones is eligible to return to the cage next July.

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