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UFC 205 video: Snoop Dogg commentates Khabib vs. Johnson

Snoop Dogg gives his take on the UFC 205 preliminary fight between lightweight contenders Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Johnson.

UFC 205 was indeed the biggest card that the company has ever put up in its 23 years of existence. So much so that a good number of celebrity figures also tuned in to catch the fights.

Hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg was one of them, but he was not in attendance at the sold out Madison Square Garden. Instead, he was catching the fights at the comfort of what appears to be a private recording studio. Famous for his commentaries on animal videos which even landed him a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Snoop gave the same treatment on the preliminary fight between 155-pound contenders Michael Johnson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After more two and a half rounds of action, "The Eagle" stopped Johnson at the third round via kimura, and the manner of which he did so impressed Snoop so much.

"Khabib playing games, putting his nuts in his face, and all kinds of sh-t. He could hit him with the elbow backwards if he wanted to," Snoop was heard saying.

"N-gga 24-0, he’s a bad mother---er, that’s my new n-gga now."

Watch the minute-long clip above.

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