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UFC 205: Dana White hands Conor McGregor Tyron Woodley's title belt

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Simultaneous two-weight world champion Conor McGregor was actually handed Tyron Woodley world title when he asked for the second belt during his Octagon interview.

Newly-crowned two-division world champion Conor McGregor caused quite the stir during his post-fight Octagon interview with Joe Rogan. After having the lightweight title belt wrapped around his waist, his featherweight world title belt was nowhere to be found.

"Where the f—ck is my second belt? I’ve already got this one," McGregor clamored. "Where is the second one at? Cheap mother----rs. $4.2 billion this company was sold for. Where’s that second belt?"

UFC president White then walked away from the Octagon and returned a few moments later to give McGregor the other title belt. Apparently, that one belonged to welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, whom White borrowed it from.

During the UFC 205 post-fight press conference, White said it should have been McGregor’s obligation to have his old belt with him.

"Just for the record, I’m not supposed to bring his belt – he’s supposed to bring his belt. He’s yelling at me because I don’t have his belt. I’m like, ‘No, you’re supposed to bring your belt.’ I give you the new belt."

When asked for his opinion, Woodley said McGregor getting hold of his belt must be a "sign of things to come."

"I don’t know if Mr. McGregor wants to go for a third belt," Woodley told MMA Junkie. "It looked like was talking a little noise in the back, so we’ll see what happens."