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Bisping: Hendo can wait seven f**king years for a rematch if he’s still alive

Michael Bisping responds to Dan Henderson’s comments about a third fight between the two.

MMA: UFC 204-Bisping vs Henderson Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping has been quite the media darling over the last few months. Always a man with a superior gift of gab, the UFC middleweight champion is soaring after defending his belt and gaining some much sought after vengeance when he defeated his arch-nemesis, Dan Henderson last month in an entertaining battle that netted him a unanimous decision.

The fight was supposed to be Henderson’s swan song, but after reviewing the tape, the 46-year-old legend recently wrote on his Champions blog that he could be lured out of retirement for the right money and fight—that fight being the trilogy-ender with Bisping.

The champ has his own thoughts on the semi-challenge that “Hendo” issued, and they are definitely not in accordance with Dan’s. He wrote the following yesterday in his own Champions blog.

“He landed two good shots, and God bless him for wanting to stay relevant a little longer, but you know what he can do? He can wait seven f**king years, just like I had to. For the longest time, he said it didn’t interest him because I had nothing for him.

Now, it doesn’t interest me, because I just whooped your ass. But, if you really want that rematch, we can do it in seven years, if you’re still alive.”

Bisping went on to reinforce his willingness to meet Nick Diaz in the Octagon, and managed to shoot a zinger at GSP along the way:

“I will say this, I am absolutely amenable to another fight. Let me make this crystal clear: I am available and ready to fight on UFC 206. If GSP doesn’t want to fight or be the people’s champion of Canada, I am still available. I’m looking at you, Nick Diaz. Let’s give the fans a fight they want to see and make some money along the way.”

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