Sage vs. Gall - Why I think this is a GREAT fight to make

I think that this is going to be a good fight in general. it's 2 very gifted, young athletes with some obvious holes in their games. What makes this fight one to watch, is that they share the BIGGEST hole, inexperience!

I like this fight because i like these fighters as prospects, not UFC contenders. i never watched the next embedded after Gall. it was obviously another gimmick needed to follow the CM punk one. Embedded was ok, it's just i have better things to do with my life (no offense to anybody).

The UFC created a nice buzz for these 2 fighters. Gall can win this fight if he is as mature as he seems. he can win this fight if he is smart. Sage is a Brock type FREAK. but he has plenty of holes in his game right next to inexperience and his father managing him. An elite athlete like that should have an elite manager and agent and whatever the fuck rich people are paying others to look out for their interests.

Now, I hope the UFC reads this....

So you got your heart throbs ready to grace the cover for the UFC 2017 calendar TEEN edition that you've started to print so you needed to make this fight. I get it!

Let's try to forget that there are UFC fighters out there with more wins than BOTH these fighters fights combined.

Obviously they are both VERY charismatic and great specimens that are ridiculously marketable!

The problem is, now you are running out of cards to play with because for sure, there are plenty of "gimmicks" to pull out of one's ass, but with every one, the REAL MMA fans lose a little more respect for you.

So what do you do with the fighters after this fight? It's a problem! Neither of them should be fighting in this promotion with the objective of "GAINING EXPERIENCE!". I'm not saying the fighters are not great fighters, just the opposite in fact! But what are you going to do with them? they can't gain the experience they need at this point in their training and life! What? Are you going to start TEEN TUF with Sage and Gall as the coaches setting them up for the rematch? (oh God! please don't)

I'll tell you what you should do with these fighters after this fight

After you've marketed them plenty before the fight, you market the shit out of them some more and send them overseas to fight local fighters on Euro cards or whatever. If they keep winning and gain experience, you bring'em back to market them here with real UFC wins under their belt. And then let him take a crack at the ladder. If they lose, they fight out their contract, you release them and they can go wherever they need to go to get better if they still want to compete.

that's the only way these guys are going to be able to achieve success in this mess that they are in.

Gall keeps getting what he wants, so he goes after money fights and he calls out a DIAZ for example?!?! and all the wrasslin' fans will tune in to watch the CM Punk beater get lit up by whichever Diaz shows up that night.

Sage is at such a delicate point in his life... He started int the UFC when he was 19. Now he's what, 20? 21? seriously? i thought the UFC was past the madness that was the original UFCs

Of course, the promotion is owned by actors and entertainers now...

All kidding aside, both these fighters show some brilliance in their fights but they DO need to develop and not fight cans for 40/40. But send the Marketing Machine with them them to Europe Asia South America Africa and Down Under and watch out David Beckham!!

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