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BE's Baddest: Georges St. Pierre is the Greatest MMA Wrestler of All Time

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The latest BE's Baddest tournament is over, and we have a new champion crowned.

June M. Williams

Georges St. Pierre is the BE's Baddest champion. To the surprise of no one, GSP has claimed the title of Greatest MMA Wrestler of All Time in our latest tournament. The former UFC Welterweight champion dominated the competition throughout, and capped his run off with a ridiculous 77-8 win over Frankie Edgar in the finals. We've run four BE's Baddest tournaments right now, and no other final has ever been even close to that lopsided. Such is the wrestling power of St Pierre.

Let's take a look at his entire run through the field:

R1: def. Kazushi Sakuraba, 58-18
R2: def. Jon Fitch, 58-5
R3: def. Randy Couture, 50-3
Final Four: def. Jon Jones, 84-9
Finals: def. Frankie Edgar, 77-8

Interesting that in the entire tournament only one man was even able to score in the double digits against GSP, and I suspect that was due to love for the Pride legend more than anything else.

With this win, GSP establishes a case for himself as BE's Baddest GOAT. In the four tournaments so far, he's won this one, been Final 4 in the overall GOAT, and made it to the round of 8 in striking. Interestingly, he lost to Fedor Emelianenko in both of those tournaments, and Fedor is the only other athlete to see high level success in 3 separate tournaments.

Overall, this was an unpredictable tournament, with a #1 seed knocked out in round 1, and a second in round #2. Big thanks to everyone who participated as the level of discussion was terrific here. We hope you will join us next time as we determine the greatest MMA fight of all time. Get ready!

BE Baddest Wrestler Final June M. Williams