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MMA fighter accused of domestic violence, attacking fellow fighter ex-fiancée

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Gruesome allegations between the two MMA fighters have surfaced.

Gallery Photo: UFC: Macau Photo Gallery Part 2: Prelims, Special Guests, and Ring Girls Anton Tabuena

Australian Jessica-Rose Clark, who has had some ups and downs in her MMA career, has decided to make public a harrowing ordeal she has been going through with her former significant other.

Clark explained that she was in a relationship with fellow Aussie MMA fighter Julian Wallace and referenced an incident that took place between them this past April in a Facebook post.

“This is something that I have struggled with being able to speak about over the last couple of months,” Clark wrote in the lengthy post on social media. “Until my close friends and family encouraged me to be open about it in the hope of not only helping the women in this man’s future, but other women men and children who are being subjected to situations like this or worse.”

Clark also linked to an article from the Daily Mail Australia that revealed that Wallace had kicked Clark in the head while wearing boots, then put her in a Muay Thai clinch and elbowing her in the face repeatedly - all because she brought home the wrong dinner order. The report also claims Wallace attempted to tear the engagement ring she was wearing off of her fingers.

Wallace also allegedly choked Clark, who claimed she began to lose consciousness.

From the source:

However the woman got herself out of the choke hold and kicked Wallace, knocking him out before calling the police.

'If I wasn't in an industry where I do get hit every day and I can brace myself against impact I'd hate to think what would have happened,' Ms Jess told Daily Mail Australia.

'I was terrified for my own life and I do this for a living.'

The woman said this was not the first time Wallace had been violent with her.

'We had fought before, never to that level it was more just him threatening me but he'd hit me a couple of times.'

According to the report, Wallace pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness.

Some of you may remember Wallace from a viral video, as the young man that acted in a rather menacing manner during the weigh-ins for a Nitro MMA event, only to subsequently get knocked out the day after. That opponent was none other than current UFC fighter Ben Nguyen, who had one more fight in that organization prior to being signed to the big leagues.

Wallace also gained some notoriety weeks ago on the Australian circuit after opening a controversial “men’s only” barber shop from where women are forbidden entry.

Wallace’s professional record currently stands at 6-4, with his last fight being a loss to BJJ specialist Gustavo Falciroli in late August at bantamweight. He also currently appears to be in a relationship with current UFC women’s bantamweight Ashlee Evans-Smith.

He is reported to be due for sentencing this upcoming December 7th.