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GSP responds to Bisping callout: 'Unfortunately, right now it's not happening'

Will Georges St-Pierre fight Michael Bisping at UFC 206? According to GSP, as much as he'd love to fight the middleweight champion, that won't be the case.

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has been clamoring for a fight with Georges St-PierreHe wrote on Twitter that he verbally agreed to a showdown with GSP, who himself has expressed interest in facing "The Count," but UFC president Dana White insisted that the two will not be fighting at UFC 206 in Toronto.

On Wednesday, GSP released a video on his official Twitter account. While the welterweight legend says he'd gladly fight Bisping in Toronto, the situation between him and the UFC otherwise means that the fight won't be happening (at least not this December).

"Nothing would make me more happy in the world than to fight you in Toronto, Michael," St-Pierre said. "Last week, I met with [UFC owner] Ari [Emanuel], and I made peace with Dana [White]. I tried to resolve things, but unfortunately, right now it's not happening. Hopefully things will change soon. Thank you."

St-Pierre recently declared himself a free agent on The MMA Hour, representing a major shift as far as GSP ever returning to the UFC. While St-Pierre says that his lawyer terminated his UFC contract when they didn't meet a deadline to offer him a fight, the UFC responded by saying that GSP is still under his Zuffa contract, and therefore isn't a free agent.

You can watch the video of GSP's statement at the top of the page.

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