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Angry clown calls out Conor McGregor: 'You'll be wanting a nappy because you'll be sh----ng your pants'

Everyone wants a piece of Conor McGregor, including one angry Irish clown.

America has been plagued by apparent cases of random clown sightings. People basically dress up as clowns as a scare tactic, but some encounters have reportedly turned violent.

As a man of colorful words, Conor McGregor was asked about his opinions on the clown epidemic, in which he responded to in trademark manner.

"I’d slap the head off of one," McGregor said in a previous Q&A session. "You see some guy jumping out screaming in your face dressed in a clown mask? I’d slap the head off him, pull the clown mask out, stick it up his ass."

One clown out of the Asylum in Bruff Co. Limerick in Ireland, however, was not too amused with the UFC featherweight champion’s threats. and he fired back through a recent video by challenging McGregor.

"I bet you wouldn’t come down for five minutes. We’ll scare the life out of you. And 15 minutes, you’ll be wanting a nappy because you’ll be sh----ng your pants. You’ll come back to your mommy crying."

Before Conor McGregor faces off against any clowns, he will need to deal with Eddie Alvarez first at UFC 205 on November 12th in New York. The lightweight title strap will be on the line.