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MMA Depressed-us Episode #2: Frank Mir vs. Mirko CroCop

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Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are back with another non-fight week offering. We're watching the best of the worst UFC fights we can find (maybe with some Pride and WEC thrown in). Check it out. This week we're looking at Frank Mir vs. Mirko CroCop, Mark Kerr vs. Hugo Duarte, and Josh Burkman vs. KJ Noons.

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Sure nobody likes a bad fight, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them. That's what MMA Depressed-us is here for. We're trying to breath new life back into some of the best, worst fights in elite MMA history. As such we're drawing mostly on the UFC, but we'll look at Pride, Strikeforce, and maybe even the WEC too. Each show we're presenting one fun/sloppy bad fight (the best of the worst), one boring bad fight (the worst of the worst), and one major disappointment (the most memorable of the worst). This time around we're watching Mark Kerr vs. Hugo Duarte, Josh Burkman vs. KJ Noons, and Frank Mir vs. Mirko CroCop.

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