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Tyron Woodley already has opponent in mind for CM Punk's 2nd UFC bout

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If CM Punk gets another shot, his teammate and UFC champ Tyron Woodley already has an opponent he'd like him to fight.

CM Punk lost his MMA debut at UFC 203 in one sided affair against Mickey Gall. While Dana White initially commented that the WWE star may have to fight on a different organization next, he seems to have softened his stance about the possibility of a second UFC bout.

However it all unfolds, it seems that Punk is dead set on pursuing his MMA career, and UFC champ Tyron Woodley also says his teammate is already back in training.

"He was in the gym the other day," Woodley said at the MMA Hour. "I was there. I saw his car outside, and I came in, I was going to say what's up to him. And then I guess he was in the shower when I was changing, so I missed him, but yeah he's back in the gym training."

Woodley, who says he flew to Cleveland on his own dime to support Punk during his debut, says he wants to see the former pro-wrestler have another shot. In fact, he already has someone in mind for his teammate's second bout.

"I want to see him fight the dude that that Belal Muhammad just fight, the dude with the red mohawk," Woodley said, referring to Augusto Montano. "I think he's a dude from a TUF show, a TUF show guy. I think Mickey Gall was pretty good. That was a big cup of coffee for him."

Montano is a 31-year-old Mexican fighter, who was rumored to be on TUF Latin America, but actually was just signed directly by the UFC. He's a veteran who has been fighting since 2008 and has compiled a record of 15-3. He won his debut at UFC 180 in Mexico, but has dropped his last two against Cathal Pendred and the aforementioned Belal Muhammad.