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Bisping looking at Weidman next, but ‘business-wise, nobody cares’ about him or Rockhold

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Michael Bisping is ready to take on whichever no. 1 contender emerges in the middleweight division, but he’s not seeing anyone that will help him make bank.

When Michael Bisping fought Dan Henderson for the middleweight title at UFC 204 the MMA world was divided. For many, this was “the” fight to make; the closing of a narrative and the must see bout of a Michael Bisping title reign. But, for many others, the fight felt like a joke. A 46-year old title contender who’d only won three of his last nine fights, going back to 2013. And he was fighting for a belt, why? Because it was the fight that sold the best?

Whatever side you fall on, it seems you shouldn’t expect lightening to strike twice. On a recent episode of the MMA Hour, Michael Bisping talked about his next potential title challenger. And while he’s looking at Chris Weidman first and foremost, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be too choosy (transcript via MMA Fighting):

"Obviously it's got to be one of the big contenders next," Bisping said Monday on The MMA Hour. "We'll see how the chips fall regarding their fights. I think I'd like Weidman, to be honest. If Weidman could get past Romero, that'd be a fight that interests me.

"And seeing that me and Weidman have this rivalry now -- I've got nothing against Weidman. He likes to talk sh*t about my career, and I'll do the same on his, but I wish him all the best. Competition aside, he seems like a good guy and good dude. But we've been talking a lot, so I guess we're going to settle it in the Octagon. So if he gets past Yoel Romero, which he's got his hands full there, but if he does, then yeah, I'll happily fight him next. I believe he's a good match-up for me."

And while Bisping may be looking at a take-on-all-comers approach for his next bout, it doesn’t sound like he’s particularly thrilled at the financial prospects that any of those opponents might bring him.

"Well, business-wise, nobody really cares about Luke Rockhold," Bisping said. "Unfortunately, business-wise, nobody cares about Chris Weidman either, so I don't think either of them really make me that much money, unfortunately. They're probably the best two guys in the division other than me, and nobody gives a sh*t about them. Nobody gives a damn. That's why Chris Weidman couldn't main event a pay-per-view (when he was champion), he was always the co-main event.

"But I'll just take on the best challengers. I know what people said about the Henderson fight, but the UFC came to me with the match. I didn't ask for it, so I said yeah, sure. And now I'm happy to take on whoever the true No. 1 contender is, so we'll see who wins these fights, and whoever it is, I'll happily fight him. I've never ducked a fight in my life."