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UFC’s chief global branding officer issues statement after release from the company

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Garry Cook has released a statement after being released from the UFC.

UFC Media Tour Berlin Photo by Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Just about three months since the UFC was officially sold to WME-IMG for $4 billion, the new owners have already started to make big changes and layoffs from its staff. Among those released is the UFC’s chief global branding officer in Garry Cook.

The former CEO for Manchester City Football Club joined the UFC in 2012, and received high praise from Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. He was promoted by Zuffa two years ago, and is now part of those being laid off by the new management this week.

Cook has since issued a statement on the release.

“This has been a magnificent experience with one of the greatest sports enterprises of the modern day. I am thankful and proud to have played a part in their brand story working with Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White, Lawrence Epstein and all the talented individuals at the UFC.”

“With the new leadership from WME/IMG the next era of continuing to redefine the global sports landscape is very exciting. I wish them well delivering on their vision for success.”

Longtime matchmaker Joe Silva is leaving the UFC, as well as VP of PR Dave Sholler, and Senior VP and GM of Brazil Giovani Decker.

Others who were recently laid off include Chief Content Officer Marshall Zelaznik, Managing Director of Asia Ken Berger, Latin America Director Jaime Pollack, Social Media Director Shanda Maloney, Senior VP of technology Ed Muncey and Controller Brad Smuckler.

WME-IMG is reportedly firing about 60-80 UFC employees.