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Brock Lesnar’s reps point to eye medication, foot cream as likely reasons for failed drug test

Brock Lesnar’s attorney Howard Jacobs released a statement regarding his client’s UFC 200 drug test failure.

UFC 200 - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Brock Lesnar’s made a strong statement in his return to MMA at UFC 200, when he defeated veteran Mark Hunt. However, it was marred by controversy when he failed both out-of-competition and in-competition drug tests.

The former heavyweight champion was found to have clomiphene in his system, a form of estrogen blocker. The said substance that was also found on Jon Jones prior to UFC 200, and is commonly used as “post-cycle therapy”. It is essentially meant to lower the estrogen levels that were increased along with the testosterone boost brought on by previous use of exogenous anabolic agents such as steroids.

While asthma medication was initially tagged as the reason for Lesnar’s drug test failure, his legal team has looked at eye medication and foot cream as the possible sources.

Lesnar’s attorney Howard Jacobs sent a letter to MMA Junkie to explain in full detail.

“We are still investigating this matter (which investigation includes the ongoing testing of products used by Mr. Lesnar prior to the date of the positive test). To provide further detail, I am advised that the testing laboratory (Korva Labs) initially tested an eye medication, which was negative for either clomiphene or clomiphene metabolites. Subsequent testing has been conducted on a foot cream; that testing has included three separate extraction attempts, all of which have failed. A fourth extraction attempt is being made by Korva Labs this week.

As you may be aware, testing of such creams can be a difficult process, as the extraction process can be significantly complicated by both a complex matrix and interfering substances. Until a successful extraction can be accomplished, this product cannot be tested for contamination with clomiphene or clomiphene metabolites. For this reason, the extraction failures to date provide no indication as to whether or not this cream is contaminated with clomiphene or clomiphene metabolites.”

As of this posting, Lesnar has only been slapped with an indefinite suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission. His win against Hunt still stands, and no further sanctions have been implemented.