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The MMA Depressed-us Episode #1: Rewatching GSP vs. Shields at UFC 129

Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are here with some non-fight week MMA content. We're going to be watching three terrible fights from UFC history and giving live commentary. This week's lineup is Patrick Walsh vs. Dan Kelly, Konstantin Erokhin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga, and Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields. We'll try to provide time sync info for each one in the Fight Pass library, so you can re-watch with us.

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For what seems like the first time in ages, it's not fight week. And as such, the MMA Vivi team is out of stuff to do. That, of course, means it's time to create. And what better to create than a remembrance of bad fights forgotten. That's what the MMA Depressed-us is, it's a trip down memory lane, not to the best and brightest moments in combat sports history, but to the lowlights.

Each episode, we'll focus on three bouts. The first will be a fun, but ugly mess of a fight. The second will be the worst of the worst, a a boring slog of a bout. And the final one will be a major disappointment; a bout everyone thought would be great going in but ended up falling flat.

For our first time out, we're covering Dan Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh, Konstantin Erokhin vs. Gabriel Gonzaga, and Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields.

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