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UFC president Dana White on Greg Hardy: 'We're all human beings and we all make mistakes'

UFC president Dana White addressed the possibility of his promotion signing controversial former NFL star Greg Hardy, who was previously suspended by the league for domestic violence.

Earlier this week, Greg Hardy, the former Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys defensive end, announced that he was putting his football career on hold in order to pursue MMA. He's reportedly been training for several months and has already attracted the interest of multiple (unnamed) promotions.

Hardy was not re-signed by the Dallas Cowboys after the 2015 season, and is otherwise known for his high-profile domestic violence case from 2014. He was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, as well as making communicating threats to her, and was sentenced to probation and a suspended jail sentence. The conviction was overturned on appeal when the victim, Nicole Holder, did not appear for the jury trial. Those same charges were later expunged from the 28-year-old's record, and shortly thereafter, Deadspin published graphic police photos of Holder's injuries. Hardy was suspended by the NFL for 10 games in 2015, although an arbiter reduced it to 4.

UFC president Dana White was on FS1's Speak For Yourself on Wednesday, and he addressed the possibility of the promotion ever signing Hardy. The video is available for viewing at the top of the page, and the transcription is courtesy of MMA Fighting.

"I'm one of those guys too who believes that we're all human beings and we all make mistakes," White said. "And when you make a mistake, you pay your penance, whatever it might be, and you should be allowed to make a living and move on in your life. Is he good enough to come into the UFC and fight? I highly doubt it.

"I've been playing football for a couple weeks too, maybe I'll try out for the (New England) Patriots?" White continued, laughing. "It takes a little bit longer than that, but he could fight at one of these small shows. We'll see how he looks, and I don't know."

When host Jason Whitlock brought up NFL reporter and occasional UFC on Fox Sports host Jay Glazer's statement urging promoters and coaches not to have Hardy join the MMA community, White offered up this in response.

"I'm not saying he should be welcomed here, but I'm saying I'm a guy who believes that if you make a mistake, your life isn't over, go kill yourself or something," White said. "You made a mistake, you pay for it. When you make mistakes, it's all about how you act from there on out. How do you handle yourself after that and what do you do to fix it."

As an aside, Jon Jones said that he was "excited" to see Hardy make the transition into MMA, but he later deleted that tweet. (H/T Sean A. Brennan)