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Julianna Peña considering leaving UFC after Ronda Rousey got ‘bullsh-t’ title bout

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Number five-ranked bantamweight contender Julianna Peña was immensely embittered by the finalization of the Amanda Nunes-Ronda Rousey fight at UFC 207.

Pena TUF 18 finale - Esther/Fighting

After news broke on Wednesday night about making the Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey fight official for December 30th, a couple of female fighters were left frustrated by the UFC’s decision. The first one to share her sentiments was Cris Cyborg, stating how “ridiculous” she feels the said move was.

Another fighter on that list is TUF 18 winner Julianna Peña, who became one of the leading candidates to fight for the title after her win over Cat Zingano at UFC 200. Speaking to MMA Fighting, “The Venezuelan Vixen” let out all her frustrations.

"It's bullsh-t. That spoiled brat has gotten everything handed to her, and she's getting everything handed to her again. It's bullsh-t. I have no idea. Never in the history have I ever heard of somebody have a no-controversy brutal knockout, then quit the sport, and then comeback and get a title shot right away.”

“The girl is mentally weak and Amanda Nunes is going to f--king knock her out and expose her ass. She's literally the worst fighter on the roster, and I can't stomach the fact that I'm not getting the title shot. I don't know how they conduct business over there, but they're going to do what they want no matter what, so there is not really much I could do. Back to the drawing board I guess.”

Peña also believes there is a deeper underlying reason for not being able to get herself a fight against Rousey. But as far as her immediate fighting career goes, she is looking at other possibilities outside the UFC.

"Maybe I'll go fight for Combate [Americas] or something because it sounds like they want to pay me serious money and actually give me a belt right off the bat just like they did with Ronda in the UFC. They just handed Ronda a belt, and Combate will hand me a belt, so I don't know, we'll see how that goes.”

"It's definitely something that I would consider, you know. It's starting to become a fake toy belt [the UFC belt]. I fight for money, I'm a prize fighter. So if somebody else wants to give me more money, I'll gladly sit down at the negotiating table and see what's going on and what's being offered."