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Video: Frank Shamrock: Viacom asked me to become Bellator president

MMA legend Frank Shamrock explains how he almost became President of Bellator MMA and why he turned it down. Plus, what will his new role with 'Combate Americas' be, and how is his relationship with his brother, Ken Shamrock?

Frank Shamrock has been involved in all sorts of aspects of the fight world. Aside from being a world champion in the UFC and Strikeforce, Frank has also starred in reality series, commentated, and at one point helped push for MMA in NY state. One role that Frank was not quite interested in was being President of an MMA organization.

At the Combate Americas NYC press event (where it was announced that Alberto El Presidente would become President of the promotion), Frank discussed his relationship with Viacom and mentioned that they asked him to take helm of Bellator MMA.

"They asked me to run the Bellator show and it just didn't fit in my wheelhouse of things I wanted to develop," Frank explained. "I like the brand, I appreciate what they are doing, but it's the same reason I told the UFC no. They wanted to take a corporate culture and put it into an artistic expression sport, and to me that didn't make sense."

Frank will be commentating during this Friday's Combate Americas event, and may have a larger role with that company as well, but as he explains in the video he is not quite sure what that will be yet.

We also talk about some other projects that Frank has in the works, including one involving a charity, and where his relationship is with his estranged brother, Ken Shamrock. When last we spoke in 2014 about this topic, things were "fragile", but they have improved two years later.

We also somehow do not discuss my hair, which was so excited to meet Frank that it sprung to life on the back of my head, as if propelled upwards due to Frank's chi.

Combate Americas: Empire Rising is headlined by John "Sexy Mexy" Castaneda (11-2) and Gustavo Lopez (6-1) as they face off in the first world championship bout in league history at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York, on Friday, October 14. You can watch the event live on beIN SPORTS En Español and UFC FIGHT PASS.